7th Art of Projects Conference Budapest. Insights.

Primary topics and ideas from my first conference abroad.

This year I have received the award for the best IT professional in Project Management in Ukraine. One of the prizes was a ticket to a project management conference hosted in one of my favorite cities. Of course, I bought tickets the very next day.

Firstly, I would like to share my notes about the organization of the conference. This part was also interesting for me to compare with Ukrainian conferences I have not been visiting for a couple of years. So, let’s see the following:

The most significant difference comparing with Ukrainian conferences is the agenda part. I do not know why there is an intention to have 30+ talks within 3+ streams if the quality is poor. AoP shows me that the hard work of the committee to find six lectures supports the sold-out for 300 people easily because it is always better to get the diamond, even if you need to filter tons of stones.

Now, check out my insights from the Art of Projects Conference below. Deliberately, I don’t mention speakers as I think this is not too important; instead, I would explain the main trends in the talks.






To sum up, I was positively surprised by the level and maturity of the talks. There were no talks about how cool PMI is or basic stuff — only trends, cases, and hot topics. I saw clearly that this community was more open and agile than a lot of ‘agile practitioners’ which throw shit at each other and other organizations. I would be happy to visit more conferences like this one next year. If you have anything in mind, do not hesitate to share!